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February 28, 2024

RECAP: Live H2O Care

This article is a recap on the live session we did with H2O Care's CEO Tom Bobst, to dive into his innovative and world-changing idea.
RECAP: Live H2O Care

How Tom Founded H2O Care: A Journey to Sustainable Water Management

Tom Bobst, an environmentally conscious entrepreneur, embarked on a mission to address water scarcity and promote sustainable practices. His journey began with the establishment of "Viwable", an ecological consultancy firm aimed at advocating environmentally friendly practices.

One of Tom's pivotal initiatives was attempting to implement non-potable water usage in hotel toilets, revealing the challenges associated with such practices in France. This experience ignited his determination to import and distribute water recycling systems, facilitating the reuse of shower water for toilets while raising awareness about the importance of water conservation.

The Mission of H2O Care

With a vision to resolve the water crisis through water recycling, Tom founded H2O Care. The startup aims to promote an integrated approach to water management, combining innovation and behavioral change. Central to their mission is the promotion of hydro-economy, aiming to halve water consumption while maintaining user comfort through autonomous, chemical-free solutions like Hydraloop devices.

In addition to developing water-efficient technologies such as showers and toilets, H2O Care advocates for clear regulations on water usage. Their goal is to sensitize users to adopt a responsible approach to water usage, thereby avoiding the rebound effect where efficiency gains lead to increased consumption.

With a clearer view on what H2O Care is, if you want to talk numbers and dive deeper into the business model, target market, and approach of the startup, click here to rewatch our live!

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