Investing in impact has never been easier

Take control of your savings by investing directly and transparently in the ecological and social transition. With our revenue-sharing model, you receive a percentage of the revenues, linking your success to the success of the projects you support.
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WE DO GOOD joins erable° adventure
Because it is time to make finance more simple, clear, and dedicated to the ecological and social transition, the pioneers of revenue sharing, WE DO GOOD and erable°, are joining forces.

The goal? To serve those who dedicate their time and resources to creating a future that is both sustainable and desirable.

Impact entrepreneurs and investors, welcome home.

Yannis Baala

Chief Executive Officier

A new way to invest sustainably.

Revenue Sharing: A Fairer Approach to Value Distribution

Tailored Investment Opportunities to Match Your Profile

Profitable Synergy: Returns Coupled with Positive Impact

Choose from a wide range of investment opportunities that drive positive impact and offer potential returns.

Place your money where
it truly matters.

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They talk about us

"Investing in royalties means supporting another way of financing, much more transparent than that of the world of finance. By choosing to act with WE DO GOOD, I support bold and responsible values."
Didier L. - Investor on WEDOGOOD
"erable° enabled us to launch our business by allowing part of our community to invest directly in the mission of our circular economy company, HomeCycle.  No other crowdfunding  to our knowledge would have been able to provide us with a financing solution, enabling individuals to support us so concretely while following the fruit of their impact so closely. "
Valérian Fauvel, CEO Homecycle
“erable° was my 2023 discovery for investing sustainably and responsibly with complete transparency! Thanks to their superb app, it was child's play to finance my favorite projects in just a few clicks.”
Alex B. - Investor on era°app
"We fully share the values transmitted by WE DO GOOD and we are proud to have succeeded in adding our company to the vast list of great projects with positive impact."
Lucien Kerisit - CEO Kerhea

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