Make a difference with your savings

Invest transparently in concrete impact-driven activities.  Track your impact and yield generation. Engage with diversified sectors.

Invest in real-world assets

Thanks to a targeted funding, you know precisely where the funds are going and how it enables the project to scale. 
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Combining profitability potential with transparency

Based on a revenue-sharing model, you get rewarded as the project activity grows. 

You combine short-term profitability with traceability of your investment.
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Interact with your assets at any time

Consult your dashboards - Track the financial and extra-financial performance (environmental an social impact) of your investments in real time.
Trade on the secondary market - Your investment benefits from greater liquidity than unlisted equities or bonds.
Claim your returns - Whenever you decide, you can recover your part of the project’s shared revenues previously stored in a collective treasury, in exchange for your asset.
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Frequently asked questions

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How transparent is my investment ?

Can I still invest if the project is sold out ?

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