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Published on 
February 28, 2024

RECAP: LinkedIn Live "Invest in Circular House Appliances"

This article is a recap on the live session we did with the HomeCycle team to dive into their innovative and world-changing idea.
RECAP: LinkedIn Live "Invest in Circular House Appliances"
Embarking on a transformative journey from zero customers to a remarkable 10% return on investment within a mere five months is a feat that truly astounds.
Let's delve into the inspiring story of these revolutionary change-makers!

What is HomeCycle?

HomeCycle, a brainchild of Jumanji, a startup studio co-founded by Valérian, emerged as a beacon of sustainability and responsibility in the realm of appliance consumption. Their innovative concept reimagines traditional appliance ownership through rental services, aiming to combat programmed obsolescence and shift cultural norms surrounding household appliances, especially larger ones. Partnering with industry giant Brandt was a pivotal move, solidifying their commitment to effecting positive change on a larger scale.

Led by Alexandre, a seasoned expert in rental models, HomeCycle's mission revolves around democratizing access to appliances while prolonging their lifespan. Their core ethos centers on making a tangible impact by promoting sustainable consumption practices.

Discovering HomeCycle:

Now that you're acquainted with HomeCycle's visionary approach, it's time to explore further. Click on the link below to uncover detailed insights into their offerings, business model, target market, and more!

Click here to delve deeper into HomeCycle's transformative journey!

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