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February 12, 2024

Redefining Investment: Our product vision to lead you into impact investing

In a world where financial choices often feel disconnected from personal values, our vision at erable° is to revolutionize the investment landscape. As the Chief Product Officer, I am thrilled to share our product vision with you, one that is deeply rooted in environmental and social impact while offering transparent and profitable financial opportunities.
Redefining Investment: Our product vision to lead you into impact investing

Today's finance looks like a web of financial instruments and intermediaries, creating barriers between players in the real economy. How about getting back to basics?

Our platform, erable°, is not just another investment tool; it's a catalyst for change. Designed for savers and individual investors seeking transparent, profitable avenues aligned with the principles of environmental and social transition, erable° represents a paradigm shift in investment philosophy.

Introducing erable°: Your Gateway to Transparent Impact Investing

Imagine being able to choose directly your impact investment assets adapted to your needs in terms of impact, profitability, or budget.

Picture yourself selecting what you want to fund from direct investments in tangible assets to baskets of assets financing industry-wide transitions.

Let’s take a closer look at the mobility sector to illustrate. As the IPCC indicated: “Electric vehicles powered by low-carbon electricity offer the main potential for decarbonization of land transport, in life cycle analysis”. To speed up the sector's transition, we need to rapidly set up charging stations, maintenance and repair centers, etc. But how will this be financed, over and above the still inadequate public subsidies that could be allocated?

Traditional investment platforms have their limitations, often focusing solely on conventional stocks and bonds, lacking traceability into how your investments are actually being used – with a broad-brush approach to company investments rather than a detailed view of specific projects or field activities –  and liquidity – as most of the sustainable initiatives are far away from being listed on the stock exchange.  

To illustrate with an example from traditional financial products, the ongoing shift in the mobility sector is underpinned by a vast array of companies, ranging from startups to established conglomerates. While traditional financial instruments can fund individual projects or companies, they may fall short in bolstering an entire ecosystem. Nevertheless, the success of this transition hinges on the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved. 

erable° is set on redefining this norm. We stand out by launching and championing investment products that are not only transparent but also make a real difference. 

From financing tangible assets to revenue-sharing models, our portfolio is designed to push the boundaries of conventional investing.

Tailored Opportunities for All, On a single investment platform

At erable°, we understand that every investor is unique. At the core of our product vision lies a commitment to diversity in investment options and impact. That's why we aim to offer a diverse range of investment opportunities tailored to different preferences and risk appetites:

1. Diversity in financial product structures:

From primary assets to structured baskets and derivatives, we aspire to offer a spectrum of investment structures to suit your own financial management preferences. 

In the mobility sector, this could mean, for example, choosing to invest directly in physical charging stations (primary assets) and controlling your investments on an asset-by-asset basis, or preferring to invest in a diversified "mobility basket" (composed, for example, of 30% charging station bonds, 30% tangible reconditioned batteries on a revenue-sharing model, and 40% garage shares).

2. Time Horizon:

Whether investors seek short-term gains or long-term commitment, erable° wishes to provide options tailored to various investment horizons. Indeed, we began by developing short-term options in response to a market saturated with long-term commitments like unlisted shares and life insurance, giving you the freedom to choose how you invest.

Clearly, each financial product has a different payback period and return on investment: in my example, bonds for charging stations would be very standardized with annual interest (over 5-10 years), whereas our tangible reconditioned batteries could generate a profit over 1 year with the revenue-sharing mechanism if they are sold quickly.

3. Risk:

Various types of risk are inherent in financial products: market risk (interest rate, currency, etc.), credit/counterparty risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, political risk, etc. The important thing is to protect yourself as much as possible and to diversify your risks. To do this, in addition to making them visible, we want to be able to offer strategic financial product combos, to de-risk investments. We want to create a platform that empowers investors to choose projects based on their risk profiles, fostering informed decision-making. 

In the mobility sector, this might involve diversifying an investment in recharging stations (which may have regulatory implications and depend on the energy production sector) with another in repair garages (which does not depend on these risks).

4. Commitment to Positive Impact:

Inspired by doughnut economics, our investment strategy is designed to support projects with significant environmental and social benefits. We focus on directing capital towards initiatives that respect and contribute to the health of our planet and its communities, ensuring your investments help in building a sustainable future.

In the mobility sector, the impact on several planetary boundaries varies depending on the investments made and the tangible assets financed. These can include decarbonization efforts, the use of mineral resources, waste management, and more. 

Empowering Investors as Agents of Change: Expand the role of crowdfunding

Investment is not just about maximizing returns; it's about making a difference. At erable°, we believe that every investor has the power to shape the future they want to see: an investment is a choice, a vote in building tomorrow's world. 

Our approach goes beyond mere financial transactions; it's about empowerment:

1. Enlightened Decision-Making:

We aim to make the world of finance accessible to all. Prioritizing financial literacy and simulation tools, we will empower investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and navigate the investment world with confidence and discernment.

2. Transparency:

Real-time tracking of both financial and extra-financial performance to ensure full transparency, enabling investors to monitor their investments' financial and impact performance. Imagine logging into your erable° dashboard and seeing how your investments are generating positive environmental and social impact alongside financial returns. From megawatts of clean energy generated to hectares of land restored, we want you to be able to track the measurable impact of your investments every step of the way.

3. Democratic Participation:

Investment is akin to voting, shaping the governance of our world. At erable°, investors are not just capital providers but ambassadors of change. We facilitate direct engagement with projects, empowering investors to influence decisions and contribute actively to the transition.

Join Us in Building a Better Future

In essence, erable° is more than a platform; it's a movement. We want to redefine investment, redirecting capital towards initiatives that drive positive environmental and social change.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to impact investing, let's rewrite the narrative of finance, one investment at a time.

Are you ready to invest in a better world? Join us at erable°, where your investments create an impact beyond profits. Together, let's shape a future we can all be proud of.

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