An all-in-one platform

  • Invest in sustainable activities that have a tangible, positive impact on our world
  • Obtain real-world assets and a share in their revenues
  • Become a contributor to a sustainable future
Own, send, trade your assets, claim your rewards and track your performance

Our product features

Revenue Sharing Assets Creation

Unique smart-contract to tokenize RWA
We create and customize ERC digital assets that will fund directly Real-World Assets on a revenue-sharing model effortlessly.
Asset linkage to an on chain treasury
Secure investments thanks to connection to a treasury that receives the income generated by the real-world assets financed.
Rewards redeem system
Enjoy a flexible redemption system where you can burn your asset to claim your share of shared revenues, putting you in control of your earnings.

Utilities and applications

Decentralized ownership
Gain true ownership of your assets in a decentralized environment, free from intermediaries or centralized control
Transfer on app
Easily send and receive digital assets, so that every investor can involve his relatives in one click, directly on our app
Secondary market
Resale possible ahead of schedule on a dynamic secondary market, giving you the ability to trade and exchange assets with ease.
Community governance
For highly permissible decentralized decision-making process that include all asset holders
Each asset is unique, enhancing the owner sense of identity and turning asset management into an engaging and rewarding adventure.

Transparency and traceability

On-chain smart-contract treasuries
Trust in the blockchain for complete transparency and security of financial flows of our on-chain treasuries
API connection for metrics
Connect to APIs and access real-time financial and impact metrics, so you can monitor the tangible effects of your investments.
Dashboards and activities tracking
Explore intuitive dashboards and activity tracking to monitor all transactions history and project progress.


Web3 Wallet abstraction
Log in with a Google account or e-mail  if you don't have a wallet. You'll get one automatically, while retaining custody of it.
Credit Card integration
Fund your investments & trades with credit card integration, providing convenient and flexible payment options
Access the platform in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for a global audience.

A safe and certified technology

We work carefully to ensure that our product is secure and reliable
Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with financial regulations through built-in features of on-ramp and off-ramp.
KYC/AML Compliance: Streamlined identity verification and anti-money laundering checks for added security.
Audited and certified smart contracts by Certik All security insights (Audits Scores, KYC, Honors, On-Chain Monitoring, and more)
Audit available here

Which product side is made for you?

You have a project

  • driven by making a positive impact
  • looking for a non-dilutive funding
  • desiring to gather a community
  • wishing to value its  ESG performance
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You are an investor

  • driven to create a positive impact
  • looking for future market leaders
  • seeking for a fast return on investment
  • wishing to track impact transparently
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