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Invest in reusable containers rented out to restaurants to fight plastic pollution and receive a share of the rental income.



6000 reusable

containers financed

x2 in 4y

est. ROI

Erable is a smart way to make ecology very concret for citizen through relevant investments. First it helps people provide direct funding sustainable companies, and second their ROI is directly linked to the real life impact of these companies. This new investment tool is the missing link between finance and real life impact.
Benjamin Peri, CEO @Pyxo




Pyxo makes sustainability the norm when it comes to food packaging. 👉 Offers restaurants a turnkey solution to transition to reusable food containers 👉 Makes it easy for consumers to reuse food containers instead of discarding them after one use


sales outlets




staff trained

Investment Model

  1. Investors finance 6,000 containers, which Pyxo deploys in restaurants and company canteens.
  2. Pyxo generates daily sales by renting these reusable containers to restaurants.
  3. On average, 80% of these sales are paid back to investors via a cash flow they co-own.

Results and Impact

There are 3 main points and advantages to remember from the Pyxo & erable° collaboration.

💵 Funding - Make investing in reuse infrastructure attractive and affordable

  • Bring investing in reuse infrastructure mainstream.
  • In the future, users could even be able to invest in other infrastructures: Container Network - Collecting Points - Washing Centers

🤝 Behavior -  Augment stakeholder's adoption

  • Empower & incentivize all stakeholders to adopt reusable containers
  • In addition to those granted for its financing effort, an investor who takes part in Pyxo's value chain would be entitled to additional benefits.

Impact - Value Positive Impact

  • Align positive impact generation & economic profitability.
  • Govern - Demonstrate - Value

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