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Invest in washing machines to fight the cultural obsolescence of household appliances.


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est. in 2-8yrs

70 machines


erable has enabled us to carry out a great operation: allowing a part of our community to invest directly in the mission of our circular economy company. No other crowdfunding or NFT platform that we know of could have provided us with such a flexible financing solution, while allowing individuals to support us in a concrete way, and following the fruits of their investment so closely. Thanks to the team for giving us this opportunity, and we look forward to scaling this partnership to make web3 a sustainable financing solution for our circular equipment!

Valerian, co-founder




HomeCycle provides new or reconditioned washing machine rentals with a strong emphasis on minimizing their environmental footprint. Their approach is twofold, addressing two key areas: 1. Assisting customers in machine maintenance (60% of breakdowns can be prevented through regular upkeep). 2. Providing an efficient repair service throughout the entire product life cycle.




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Investment Model

  1. The investors fund a treasury, which Homecycle uses to purchase a pool of washing machines.
  2. Then it’s Homecycle turn ! Washing machines are rented out for 6, 12, 18 or 24 monthes, generating income for Homecycle each month.
  3. Finally, based on a royalty model, Homecycle sends 35% of the revenue generated to the treasury, from which any Homecycle investor can claim his share by burning his asset.

Results and Impact

Each purchased NFT asset represents a title deed and entitles the investor to a share of the rental income. The longer the machines last, the more returns are generated.

Investors offer consumers multiple advantages while generating revenues:

  • Cost Savings: Consumers can save over €700 by avoiding the upfront purchase cost of high-quality equipment, making it more affordable.
  • Maintenance Included: HomeCycle incorporates maintenance, averting costly repairs (average €150) and promoting equipment longevity. Regular preventive maintenance is also part of the service.
  • Flexibility: Renting with HomeCycle provides the flexibility to adapt equipment as needs change, ideal for those in transition, such as students, new job entrants, or newlyweds.
  • Eco-friendly: HomeCycle prioritizes environmental sustainability, extending appliance lifespans up to 2-3 times the national average. They also promote eco-friendly detergents, conserve resources, and provide micro-plastic filters to reduce environmental impact.

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